Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Year Published: 2006

My Rating: ★★☆☆☆

This is the third book I read from John Green, the other two beforehand being TFIOS and Looking for Alaska. I loved those two, but I just couldn’t give it to John for this one.

The idea for the story is certainly unique, as is all of John Green’s books. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t see the ultimate point to it all, and a lot of it seemed unrealistic to me. Deciding to hop into a car for a spontaneous road trip one day, I understand. It was the spontaneous living with a stranger and working for them ordeal that seemed unrealistic (and, of course, the 19 Katherines thing, but I understand that that was meant to be unrealistic, so I’ll avoid talking about that).

I also thought our main character, Colin, was very annoying . All he did was whine, whine, whine, and I wanted to stand up and scream THANK YOU to Hassan, his best friend, when he reprimanded Colin for being so self-centered all the time. Colin comes to realize this, I admit, but I think that’s all he does. He just realizes it, and doesn’t act upon it that much.

I did, however, enjoy Lindsey’s character. She seemed the most realistic in that she, just like many other teenagers, does not really know who she is. It’s cliché , yes, but cliché’s are cliché for a reason; they’re true and relatable.

TOC, Katrina, and the rest of Lindsey’s friends were very flat for me. They served their purpose in terms of the result of the story, and that’s all well and good, but that’s it. I definitely feel like John Green could have at least done a little more with TOC and Katrina, like maybe have Lindsey recall some moments with them that eventually led her to realizing that she wasn’t like them, couldn’t be with a guy like TOC, etc. etc.

I do applaud John on all of the math in the story (even though he used some math friends to figure things out), because it is really risky to add an element that many readers would not be interested in. I for one LOATHE mathematics, but I do think that it fit the story well. Some may not feel the same way, but I do feel like it kept Colin sane, and that was necessary.

Although I was disappointed with this book, it doesn’t mean I don’t like John Green. Like I said earlier, I loved TFIOS and Looking for Alaska. I can only hope that the future holds better things than An Abundance of Katherines did.

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