Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green


Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: ★★★★★

(Very vague spoilers in this review, nothing important or plot-spoiling).

This book surprised me. I have to admit, after reading An Abundance of Katherines, it was a major relief. I think that both novels were exploring the theme of growing up and learning about oneself, but Paper Towns succeeded far more than An Abundance of Katherines did.

Q and his friends had one hell of a journey ahead of them, and I never knew what was going to happen next or whether or not the next paper town Q turned into would contain something good or something bad. That excited me. Nothing was predictable.

I also loved how quirky the characters were, and found it extremely hilarious about the collection of black santas that Radar’s parents have. Their interactions with one another and just the story in general was different, but not so different that I found their story unreasonable or unrealistic. It was a relatable-different, as I the reader can definitely relate to things like the high school system, fear of adult vs. childhood imagination, etc.

I did get annoyed a few times at Q for when he complained about Ben, but I suppose he came to terms with things in the end. Also, I felt like the ending was very abrupt and could have taken a little bit more time to wrap things up.

In the end, however, I was pleased with Paper Towns. It was the type of book that I couldn’t put down, but when I did, I immediately wanted to get back to it. The writing was fluid and easy to get through, while not being so simple that it suffered from lackluster. It was an overall good read that I would recommend.

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